our studios

Floor plan Studio 1

The original rooms that Disney built. Complete isolation from outside noise with silent air conditioning and a naturally dead acoustic. Optional wood or stone flooring together with an isolation room and a selection of common spot effect props make it the ideal place to record drama. Additional dampening and screens are available for outdoor simulation or for single voice reads. This room is the ideal base to layer with our library of digitally sampled room acoustics.

The control room is equally isolated from outside noise and separately air conditioned. Seating eight people comfortably, it has ample desk space for production staff as well as additional room for other visitors.

All our studios have Neumann microphones and may used with either SADiE or Pro Tools systems. This studio has a Yamaha 02R desk for fast scene changes as well as a selection of other microphones. The control room has large Tannoy Lockwood monitors as well as Yamaha nearfield speakers and a selection of outboard equipment.

Floor plan Studio 2
The popular choice for one or two readers for audiobooks, voice overs or voice to picture.
With natural daylight, acoustic isolation and it’s own dedicated air conditioning, Studio 2 is always busy.

As with all our studios, this comes with a choice of SADiE or Pro Tools systems, Tannoy monitors and Neumann microphones. It also has a Yamaha desk with Broadhurst Gardens mic pre-amps.

Floor plan Studio 3


STUDIO 3 control room

Seats 2 people comfortably
With natural light


STUDIO 3 recording area

For 1 or 2 readers
Also available as a booth for studio one

As well as it’s own entrance, the booth of Studio 3 can be accessed from Studio 1. So when not in use as an isolation room for dramas it’s regularly used for single voice audiobooks. Although it has it’s own control room, Studio 3 may also be linked to the Green Room.

As with all our control rooms, this may also be used as an edit suite and has Tannoy monitors and a Yamaha desk.


Green Room


Situated next to studios 1 and 3 – a calm setting to prep the script, rehearse or just hang out between scenes.

May also be arranged as a control room to Studio 3.


Garden recording

The ideal place to relax or to use as an additional recording space!


Source of all refreshment. A place to mingle, reboot and enjoy the complimentary teas, coffees, fruit and snacks. Often used as a meeting point and a place to plan the session.


  • Pro Tools 9 for PC with video sync for ADR
  • Pro Tools 24 MIX for Mac with 888 interface
  • SADiE 5 with USB, Firewire, SCSI, CD or DVD backup/transfers.
    PQ indexing and faster than real time CD mastering from within SADiE.
  • RAID NAS, USB and FireWire storage
  • SADiE 3 with 50 pin removable hard drives. Exabyte data back-up and archive restore.

Mixing Desks

  • Yamaha O2R v2
  • Yamaha MG 16/6FX
  • Yamaha MG 12/4 FX


  • Neumann U 87s, Audio Technica 4047s, AKG 414 and Apex 440


  • Tannoy and nearfield Yamaha NS10s


Ancillary Equipment

  • VOIP for phone-in interview recording or remote productions
  • Broadhust Gardens Mic Preamps
  • Drawmer, Klark Teknik, Behringer, A&D compressor/limiters, expander/gates
  • Yamaha multi-effects
  • Cassette decks and DAT machines for vintage transfers
  • Extensive sound effects and royalty free music library
  • Convolution reverbs with acoustic library


  • Studer 2 track
  • Dolby A, Dolby SR and DBX